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Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program Community Foundation (IVROPCF)

Making a difference in Imperial County 

The Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program Community Foundation (IVROPCF) was established in March 2004 to serve a growing need in our community.  The founding and volunteer members of the IVROPCF recognized the need to help Imperial County residents develop their educational and economic opportunities.  Based on this well documented fact, local volunteers organized and incorporated the IVROPCF as a California non-profit 501(c)(3).


√  To provide instruction or training to individuals for the purpose of improving or developing their work-related activities;


√   To provide educational and economic, educational, social, and civic development;


√   To award scholarships/grants to eligible individuals; Scholarships.htm


√   To receive grants, gifts, endowments, devises and bequests that will be used to carry out the purposes and objectives of this corporation; and


√  To carry on any activities necessary to carry out the goals and objectives of this corporation.

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